The Crew of Trinity3

Peter is born in Alvesta, south of Sweden.
He is 47 years old and started sailing year 2010, with a 36 feet HR, then a 43 and now a 54.
He is the owner of the familly Company Hyllteknik and has been working there his entire life.
Peter loves motorsport, specially motocross, has before raced by his own many years.
He has a lot of energy and loves advendtures in general.
Peter is a full time crew.

Konstantin is born in Gothenburg, west coast of Sweden. He is 9 year old and are in second grade in school. He will do mainly his school work on board during the trip.
This is the smallest crew member but one of the most energic...
Konstantin loves nature a lot. Fishing exploring and checking out nature stuff.
He will join the trip almost full time except for some few weeks.

Theodora is born in Gothenburg at the Swedish west coast. She is 11 years old and are in 4th grade in school. She will do maily of her school work on board during the trip.
Theodora is the calmest crew member and a very caring personality.
She loves gymnastic and have participate in several competitions.
Theodora will join the trip full time accept from some few weeks on land.

Charlotte is born at Orust, west coast of sweden. She is 36 years old. Charlotte has been working a lot with sailing boats during her rise due to that her familly have a shipyard which mainly works with Hallberg Rassy boats.
Her passion in life is running and has run and take part in plenty of longer run competitions all over the World.
She has a lot of energy and a "bulls head" mind that is very hard to break if she made up her mind!
Charlotte is a full time crew.

Axel is born in Alvesta on the 12 of may 2001. He is 16 years old and has sailed together with his father since 2010. In his spare time Axel likes to train and meet up with friends to do his favourite thing in the world, scootering.
Today Axel studies on secondary school in Växjö. Which he will be studying business administration for three years onwards. Personally he would describe him as an adventurous person with to much energy and an eye for sailing.
Axel will join the trip part time on his holidays from school.

Nils is born in Alvesta and are 14 years old and are in 8th grade in school. He will join the trip part time during his holidays. 
Nils biggest interrest are floorball. He plays several times a week and participate in competitions. Also kickbike are a big interrest.
Nils personality are more like the chilled teenage guy who likes to hang around.
Nils will join the trip during his holidays from school.