St. pierre, Martinique.

Now we have reached St. Pierre, in Martinique. This place is really interresting because the eruption from the vulcano year 1902. The whole village is actually breathing the old history. The old buildings in stone gives you always a remind of the total catasrof that happend here. of approx. 30 000 people in this village it was only 1 who survived the catasrtof.

This guy was luckily in jail and it was so thick walls of the cell that he survived. Here you can see the cell he was in.

This lagoon is not the perfect snorkeling place, but the history gives you a lot to see and explore.

Tomorrow we will climb the vulkano to the top so we can see where all the catastrof came from.

Its a huge climb and will take us the whole day to reach the eruption cone.

We can strongly recommend to come to this really historical place.