Short pitstop for some hours and repairing time in Dunkerque.

​On our way from Brest to Dunkerque we again had some rough weather. On the second day we couldnt roll out our genoa. So now we have a half repaied mainsail and a genoa we couldnt roll out. Only the cutter remained. We arrived in Dunkerque early in the morning after 2 days at sea. Charlotte send me directly up in the mast so I can check the furling system. I saw that the top roller was not okey. I greased it during she tried to roll it out and in. Finally it start working again...thank goodness, we have some major distance left to Orust, Sweden.

After the repair we went and bought some food. We were really tired after some lack of sleep but decided to leave harbour already the same afternoon. Our goal was now to reach Sweden in one leg, because we was 2 days after our sqedule. We left harbour in the afternoon and Charlotte took a nap directly after leaving harbour so she could keep up with the night.