Saint Pierre, Martinique

The second day in Saint Pierre was a hiking day. We took a whole day to walk up the old vulcano Montagne Pelee. It was REALLY hard hiking, very steep and tricky. Half way up all of us was really tired and the legs was burning. We took some small rests and continued, step by step.

Finally we reached the top, 800 meters above sea level. The view was amazing, and the cold air. When we started we had 29 degrees, on the top we had 19 degrees. The whole vulcano was extremely green. We got a feelinf that we was in "Jurassic park". The day after we had big pain in our legs, buts its a good feeling to know that the body has to work hard sometimes.

We can strongly recommend to go here if you are around. But be prepared for tough hiking and dont forget to take water and a warm jacket with you.

One day here we had a working on the boat day. I took out some oil from the engine, we had a bit to much. We emptyed our water from under deck. Changed waterfilter and so on. Now she is in perfectly shape again for our sailing.

Unfortunalety we have been robbed again.... The car we rented to take us to the bottom of the vulcano showed they charged 500% more than I payed. I could see this morning that 3 transactions have been made on my account. One was the right amount, the one that I payed. And to more on much more money. We went to the police station and showed them the transactions from my account and they called them up. So tomorrow morning at 8 I will go there to pick up my money again. Its actually soooooo boring that in Carribean you cant trust anyone. You always have to be on your alert. I have to take my time and energy to just get back thats its actually mine !!!!

After i (hopefully) get my money back we will leave this island and head for Dominica.

This island should be very green and more like a jungle with a lot of waterfalls in the jungle and steaming hot baths from the vulcanos down under. Lets see if its true when we arrive there.

We will have problem with internet in the next future, but we promise to put out something as soon as we can.



Lisbeth Palhag
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