Over the horizon for 16 days

We left Las palmas all eager for what to come. We expected the journey to take about 20 days which we later found out was a big miss calculation. For 15 days 11 hours and 57 minutes all we saw was sea. Although you find yourself in quite an unordinary place we still found our rutiness efter just 3 days. Day and night melted in to one continues zoon.

We were determined to cath our first big fish but despite having a hole ocean to sail on we lost our lure to a boat which crossed us to close from behind. But despite this loss we kept our moral high and desided to build our own finshing rod from left over string and smaler lures. But this didn't work out as we had hoped. The fishes we caught were to big for our home made jig and we constantly lost lures to the mosnters of the deep, so we desided to give up instead.

The third crew member Axel had problems with seasikness all the way over. This is the only big problem we have had onboard except that we lost the genua. And for those how are not familiar with sailing, that's the big forsail which you can see is not in the pictures. The 170 kg sail feel right down in the ocean but after 40 minutes of struggle and concern we finally managed to recover it. This was a hard moment for us because we thought that we had lost our first place position in our class.

After the seet back with the genua we pushed through and finished 18 of 180 participants,and second place in class D. We are super happy with our resultes and are now looking forward to be sailing in the carribbean.