Opening ceremony of the atlantic rally of cruisers

​It is a welcoming feeling here in Las palmas the 18 of november 2018. We started the week of with the opening ceremony of the ARC (Atlantic rally of cruisers). Togheter with 180 other boats and their crew are we going to enjoy all of the fun activites that the following week has to offer. 

​The crew also welcomes onboard the third member during the Atlantic crossing, Axel. He will be joining use all the way till Martinique in the caribbean. 

​Just like konstantin and Teodora is axel also going to do school work during the duration of the voyage, since he is in upper secudary at the moment. 

​Their is going to be a lot of traffic on the blog this week so do not forget to check in each day. 

​Also don't forget to check in on our new Youtube chanel to get all of your questions answerd on, and to enjoy some of our best moments.