Magic night...

We left home 3 days ago. SJ fixed so we did not get with our flight, signal error again ...
Wondering what all these signal errors are due to, yes, we'll have to develop another time.
Hotel night in Copenhagen and very early flight the following day.
Once we arrived we started packing up, sweeping and fixing, waiting for Miguel, the guy who did some job on the boat.
When everything was settled with him, we stole off and traded food for 14 days at sea.
We had a magical evening and awaited tomorrow for departure :)
The morning after was not as funny when we discovered that the plotter did not work, crap too!
We called home to RayMarine for help, they tried but did not get it fixed on phone.
It ended with Furuno coming. They searched for fails in the boat until 10 in the evening ..., now it worked again!
Another night in the harbor, now we have lost 2 days in our planning.
May 1st seems to be our start date!

  • Nära - Cascais, Portugal