madeira-with its full power

​Hello again,

​Sorry for the delay from our last blogg.

​We have arrived to Madeira. 8 hours sailing from Porto Santo. A small jump for us now after 4 BIG jumps. This isalnd id REALLY Amazing.

​We rented a car the first 2 Days to explore th Island. And we took all the small roads that not the normal visitors do. The experience we got was Amazing, literally!

​The Place was more like a jungle. Some "road" passages was with rocks and mud and the vegetation was so intensive that the roof of the car was dragging with leafes from the trees.

​The first night we came here we had a storm coming in, again……

​Our bimini roof was blowned to pieces. In the night me and Charlotte had to row out and help other boats to secure the bridge. All the other boats North of us was dragging the whole bridge against us. All was securily fixed in the end. Its nice to see that "sailing" people helps each other when the wheather wants something else.

​Accept from the russian sailors then, they actually dont giva a shit what happens to other.

​today we had a full day in Funchal, the main city here on the Island. Some shopping ang preparing for our take off to Las Palmas.

​We also managed to find a guy who repairs chapells and sails. He took our destroyed Bimini and promised to repair it until our take off on Wednesday.

​If you get a chance to go to Madeira, go here !!!!