Last day of sailing and our arrival in Sweden

​The last morning it turned out to be a super great and warm day. There was almost no wind at all so we went by motor the last 80Nm. We even took out our sun madrass that we let manufacture in Portugal. Charlotte was enjoing the warm wheather a lot after our last days with cold wet weather.

When it was 5 hours left to Sweden we felt that we was home. We said maybe we should start to put on the fenders, and laugh about it:)

We did 1770Nm in 10 Active sailing days and nights. Its a quite tuff tempo, but we are happy to have done it so we could test TrinityIII, and our selfes also. All went good and we are happy to have a boat like TrinityIII, she is stabil and rough when you need her as most. We can relie on her and she with us.

Just Before we arrived in Sineviken we stopped by Hallberg Rassy Parts. We said hey to our friends there and swipped some sleeping madrasses that we ordered before we went to Lissabon.

Picture to the left above is when we arrived in Båtvårdsvarvet in Svineviken, Orust. In this marina we now start all the reparations, changing instruments and fixing her for the World around sailing that starts in early August. After 10 years in the mediterranean, with never take the mast of, she now needs some pure "Orust Love". We will give it to her....