la coruna, spain.

Finally we can have shorts and T-shirts on :) 

Unfortunalety we heard that the next days will be really windy here, they talk about storm. So we cant leave La Coruna Before Sunday morning. On with all the ropes and fenders again and wait out the weather. Its the fifth time since we left Sweden....

​The Days in Coruna we spend on school for the kids, training, shopping and go to cefees and resturants. We also of course talk to other sailors and hear what they have for plans.

​Tonight we will have gusts on board. Its a local spanish couple, both doctors we met here in Coruna. It will be very interresting to hear what they have to say about this Place. Meeting locals are Always interresting.

​On sunday we will try to go directly to Lissabon from here. Almost the same distance as crossing the Biscaya, approx 2,5 Days at sea again.

​Hope to see you in Lissabon next time :)

 PS.La Coruna have approx 300000 habitants and is a very clean and proper city with a lot of things to do. We can strongly recommend to come here for some Days.