helgoland-a german taxfree island.

Hello again:)

Sorry for the long time without texting anything. We have 6 Days ago arrived to the Island Helgoland in North sea. The first day here was supernice. We went a loooong promenade and took a look on the really cool bird life on this Island. They are really not afraid of us and you can come really close to them. The Island is lika a big red rock who just rise up in the ocean. Its only 1,7 Square kilometer big. The history of this Island is really cool. The Germans had this Island as a submarine base both in firts and second World war. There is a lot of remainings from this time. The whole Island is litterally digged out with a lot of "bunkers" and tunnels. Second day we Went on a guided tour in this tunnels, it was very interresting to see.

There is a lot of bomb craters on the whole Island. The allied tried to bomb the Island so it should dissapear from the map, but they failed. One crater here is in the guinnes record as the biggest bomb crater in the World. Its easy to realise what cind of a hell it must have been here during the war….

The whole Place is a taxfree zone. A ot of sailors come here to bunker. We bunkered a LOT of things third day here. Also the diesel are a bit cheaper here, good for us when we cary 1000 liters in our tanks.

We are now unfortunalety blown in during to the storm. We have tighted the boat with all the ropes and fenders we have. Its wind gusts up to 52-54 Knots (25-27 M/s). We will wait the storm out Before we take sight on Dunkerque in Belgium.

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