Heading fast south....

We went fron Den Helder in Belgium at 11am. 160Nm in front of us. They have promised northern winds. It was a quite bumpy 24 hours we had in front of us due to all the "old sea" that still remained. But the boat was sailing really good, we had a average speed of 7,4 knots the whole trip. The night was bitter cold, so when we arrived at Calais in France we was pretty tired, and hungry.

I took a warm shower and all of us went to bed in a couple of hours Before we started to explore Calais.

The day after it was ment that we should stay here, but we changed the plans in the morning when we looked at the wheather report. If we leave already the day after we arrived (today) we could sail for more than 1,5 Days, instead of 9 hours if we stay one more day. We have now a loong leg in front of us,324Nm to Brest. approximately 2,5 Days. We hope for fair winds. Charlotte and the kids went directly to buy some food for this days while Im preparing the boat. I changed our GybeBuster to the strongest one, 3000N., 2500N was a little to weak I saw on the way to Calais.

Pictures abowe is the sunrise in English channel. Me and Carlotte on deck in the morning getting some sun on us to heat up again. If all goes like we now plan we will have done 484Nm in 4,5 Days, its a really good paste.

We hope we see you in Brest next time:)