Guadeloupe-a paradise and some renovation.

​We arrived to Guadeloupe some days ago and are happy to see this place. The time here we fill with different things. On Monday we are going to put Trinity up in a dry dock. Its high time to clean the hull and get some new antifouling paint on her. Im also going to check all the zinkanodes and the propellershaft bearing. The last days we also have got a "bakterie" thing in our keelson so it smells like a drain in the whole boat. I think its because the warm and humid weather we are in. Tomorrow we will take away the floor in the boat and clean it up when the boat are on land.

Yesterday we had a wonderful day at a small island. Just hanging around, swimming, sunbathing, getting coconuts. Think we drank around 7-8 coconuts. Learned to split them up:) We took some of them onboard so we can drink them also when we are at sea.

First day we arived here we took a "city day" in Pointe a pitre. Bought some fruits in the local market and Charlotte did some shopping of course, Nice clothes for really good prices was to tempting for her.....:)

Sedcond day we had a fixing the boat day from morning to evening. Its always things to fix , repair or just prepare for coming actions/sailings.

On Wednesday Trinity III will set sail to a new island, Antigua and then after that Barbuda. Hopefully we can catch up our finish friends on "Marja II" so we can take a sundowner with them again. Last time was in Las Palmas.