fixing cupcakes and study on the shipyard

Todays activity was except fixing on the boat to give cupcakes to all the employees on the shipyard and of course have school for the kids.

Yesterday Theodora and Konstantin baked a lot of cupcakes, they wanted to give all the employees on the shipyard a present because they have done such a great job on the boat last weeks. They all loved it:) Our man Peter who is working with our bow thruster got 2.....

Afetr this we had a couple of hours of school in the lunchroom of the employees. Today we learned about the Swedish political selection, and English. 

Our days nowmore is quite hectic to get in our sailing routines and in the same time getting her ready for the oceans. The kids are soooo enthuiastic to get onboard and sail away!

In a couple of Days she is in the water again, and we all are SOO much looking forward to it!