crossing the famous and notorious biscaya

Biscaya gives and take they say. We had the exact experience of this. The first 24 hours was really good. We sailed in good winds and the Waves was not so high. We even had some nice sunshine and did some fishing .We didnt got any, but one fish (BIG) took the whole bate so we just had the line left.

When it was approx 24 hours left the wind was increasing a lot to 28-36 knots and the waves was becoming bigger and bigger. The last night was really tough. The boat was swinging a lot and it was hard to move on board. All things was coming out of the cabinets and it was more like a small mess here. Me and Charlotte havent got any proper sleep in 30 hours and we started to get really tired.

When the morning arrived and we turned around the headland so the wind couldnt reach us anymore, it was wonderful again. 346 Nm in 2 days, 2 hours and 40 min makes our average speed to 6,78 knots per hour. Its a good speed if we see on the circumstanses we had the last 24 hours. We found a good spot for Trinity III in La Coruna. A guy from the harbour came out with a dinge and met us up on our way in to the marina.

After we mored Trinity we started to Clean up all the mess and get on track again.