cascais, lissabon

We have had some wonderful Days in Cascais with all 4 kids. Axel and Nils came and joined us on friday morning until sunday. We explored Sintra, a small Town in the Mountains with a lot of Castles and extreme nature. On Saturday we explored Cascais. We Went to Bocca Inferno, a big cave that has fallen together, a really cool Place. Then we also Went to huge park with a lot of wild birds.

​The weather was perfect both days, up to 26 degrees. 

​Today we leave for a small Island called Porto Santo, 3-4 days sailing right out in the Atlantic. We are now getting closer and closer to Las Palmas and it feels good. Its nice to not have the time pressure to get there in time for the ARC.

​See you in Porto Santo and lets exlore that Island !!