Bring her home......

​We are now planning the last things before flying down to Lissabon the 28th of April. The plan is to sail her home to Swedish west cost, to Orust. Its almoust 2000 Nautical miles home and we plan to do it in 14 days. That means almoust non stop sailing if we are going to reach Sweden in this time. 

In Lissabon we have done some repairs. Carpets, curtains, sunbeds, stove and air condition are fixed so this we dont need to do in Sweden.

When the boat arrives to Orust Yaght Service we start with the major preparations for our 5 year trip. The electrical system will be completely removed and changed to new system. Approx 2-3 weeks work. After that we have our wedding next to the shipyard (30th of June) .

After the wedding she will be lifted out of the water and we put down the rigg and lift her inside for some more major jobs. Change propeller axel bearing and seelings, All the teak and plastic (gelcoat) will be fixed, new blue lines and loggos, total renovation of the engine, new propeller etc,etc......

Mid July she will come into the water again and we put on the mast again. Then we have 4 weeks of test sailing on the west coast and North Sea before we start our journey down to Canary Islands.



Alastair Platt
Hello Peter, I also have a HR 54 (2007.#4)Alruda based in Scotland. You plan to change the electrical system, I see from photos you also like me have the Empirbus system, are you replacing this with conventional wiring or something new ?
We have had problems with Empirbus that are not easy to fix in a hurry, I would not choose this system again.
Kind regards, Alastair