Back in sweden after a robbery to recover

Hi our friends. Long time since last. We are unfortunalety back in Sweden for approx 3 weeks to get all organized again. We have been robbed on our boat some weeks ago on the island St. Lucia.

We came to a very nice lagoon just north of Margiot Bay on the Island St. Lucia. We anchored and after lunch we all 3 jumped into the water for some snorkeling on the reef. We were in the water for maximun 40 mins, just 30-40 meters from our boat. 

During this time 4 local guys swimmed out to our boat and 3 of them went into our boat. One stayed in the water to have a look at us if we should return so he could warn the others.

When we arrived Charlotte saw that the deck was wet. She went down into the boat and saw that all was a mess. All drawers and cupboards was open, things was laying on the floor. They have searched the boat from top to toe. They stoled 3 iphones, all our cash in US dollars, creditcards, driving license and 6 bottles of rum, the whole handbag of Charlotte.  We had litterally nothing left....

After the police (who actually didnt do a shit) has been on the boat we lift the anchor and left for another bay. Here we stayed for 2 days before we head back to Rodney Bay.

We went for the police station to collect our police rapport, took us 2 days buy the way to get it.

We have now after 3 weeks organised all again, a lot of job....

We go now to Dusseldorf for the boat show and the 27th Jan we fly back to Martinique were Trinity III are moored now. Our plan is to not go back to Sweden before December, we want to pass the Panama canal before new year so we are on the Pacific side, then Galapagos.

I want to warn all other sailors who are in the carribean area, WATCH OUT, its EXTREMELY criminal on mostly of the islands. We have learned an expensive lesson that we hope other sailors dont need to do.

See you in Dusseldorf, or Martinique next time.



Marie Rydén ,
Så tråkigt att läsa att ni råkade ut för inbrott nästan direkt när ni anlänt till Karibien! Jag kan verkligen förstå er ilska och frustration. St Lucia verkar tyvärr vara på väg åt fel håll när det gäller brottslighet. Vi kom hem i somras efter två säsonger i Karibien med vår HR48 Isa och har tacksamt nog inte blivit utsatta för brott av någon art. Jag hoppas att er tråkiga upplevelse inte färgar Karibien i allt för mörka färger för det finns många fantastiska platser och härliga människor. Lycka till på de sju haven!
Marie på s/y Isa