Back in business and recovered from the robbery!

Long time no see.....

Well, now we have been back to Sweden for some weeks to recover and get new creditcards, driving lisences, bank accounts and so on. All is now back on track again and we deeply hope we dont need to have the same experience again.

We arrived at Martinique after a CRAZY flight, 27 hours with 3 stops. The kids were so tired.

Of course USA, just after landing in JFK to get another flight took some of our laguage to controll it extra. That means that we had to rent a car for the first 3 days to just get our luggage back.....

Well well, now we are here again. We had the first days to just get Trinity III in shape again. Then we disided to have one day off to just explore the jungle on this island.

This was probably the best desicison we could do.

The jungle was extremely cool. We hiked, climed, swimmed, jumped to just get get throw it.

2 wonderful waterfalls we found in the middle of the jungle. With muddy shoes and legs and tired legs we gladly jumped into the rainforest water. In the beginning it was a bit cold, but after some minutets it was wonderful.

Theodora and Konstantin was hanging in the roots from the treas like Tarzan in to the water.

We are glad to be back on track again and now we set our target to Dominica, the island just north of us

We promise to try to get better to write here more often.