Antigua, Barbuda, St.Barth.......

Hoj-Hoj, after many days of no connection.

We have now been to English Harbour on Antigua. There we did some nice hiking and met some other Swedes and Norwegian who also sail long distanses. It was windy conditions all days and our boat was drifting with anchor to the middle of the channel were all the BIG boats who enter the harbour comes in. We took the dinghe back to Trinity and reanchored. Antigua was a very cool place with a lot of cruising tourists. A LOT of old English people.

After Antigua we had a suuuuper wonderful sailing to Barbuda. We was looking for some connection again, but this island was totallt dead. All the pictures below are from the beach that we anchored on and from the sailing to St.Barth.. On Barbuda all the houses were destroyed after the hurricane 2 years ago. Nothing is working on the island. But we found at least a nice beach that we anchored really close to shore. If the wind was turning during the night we should litterally be ON the beach.

We had a great day at the beach. Theodora built a heart in sand with all the familly members letters and Konstantin litterally killed a palm and built a small house of palm leaves.

Charlotte took a run and I just explored and hanged around.

The day after we lifted the anchor and took sight on St.Barth. The sailing took around 8 hours to reach here. AGAIN fair winds and a super sailing. Guess when our luck is going to turn.....

On the way here we got a Mahi-Mahi. The fish gave us dinner for 2 days. They are SOOOO strong when you try to get them up on deck.

St.Barth is like Monaco, but in the Caribeans. Its SUPER fashionable and SUPER expensive. We have now 2 days of regatta here with boats that its actually insane. They need crew of around 15-20 people to sail them. But they are super nice to look at!!!! As you can see blow, they are huge and sail like rockets.....

Also the biggest private owned sailing yaght in the world anchored couple of hundered meters from us. Its owned by a russian bilionare. Toys for boys....:)

After this we set sight on St.Marteen, also an island thats like Monaco/St. Tropez.

See you over there.....